Welcome to web page of the AHS Stage Crafts class! The primary objective of this class is to acquaint you with the basic backstage skills required to plan and produce scenery, lighting, and sound for the theatre. We will concentrate primarily on scenic construction techniques but we will also discuss topics in lighting, sound, and properties. This is a “hands on” class and students will work together to design, build and or implement all production needs for the Aberdeen High School Theatre.

The purpose of this web siteis to help you, the student, and your parents know what is expected of you this semester. It will cover grading, safety, expectations, time commitment and many other things. Make sure you read it completly. If you ask questions that can be answered on this web site, you will be referred back to it for the answers. You are responsible for knowing what it contains and are expected to follow its guidelines.


Class periods will be divided between lectures and hands on work. Most class time will be spent doing practical work on stage. Appropriate attire is required. A comfortable shirt, not baggy, jeans, sneakers or boots are required. Wear clothing that you won’t mind getting dirty. If you come to class dressed inappropriately, you will not be allowed to participate and you will lose all points for that day. It is suggested that you bring a set of clothes that you can work/paint in and leave them in the auditorium.


Your personal safety is one of my highest concerns. If misused, the tools we operate in class can cause severe injury, even death. To provide the safest working environment in the shop, the following rules will be strictly enforced:

  • Wear closed-toe, low-heel shoes. No open-toed shoes or shoes with high heels. Tennis shoes are OK, but boots are preferred.
  • Jewelry must be removed before operating any machinery
  • Long hair must be tied up away from the face
  • Eye protection must be worn when operating any motor-driven tools
  • Medications. You must not use any tools if you are taking medicines that affect your ability to operate the tools safely. (for example, many cold medications cause drowsiness.)
  • Do not work in the shop alone.
  • Wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.

Any purposefully dangerous behavior that threatens the safety of anyone in the auditorium will result in your being expelled from the class. DO NOT horse around or use the tools for any purposes for which they are not designed.


Your grade is divided into five parts: Participation (10%), Attendance (10%), Tests (10%), Projects (30%), Performances (30%), and Semester Final (10%).

Participation (10%): Stage Craft is a participation class. In order to provide an atmosphere where all students can learn I have set the following class rules:

  1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. No food, drink, candy or gum in class.
  3. Follow all safety rules.
  4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  5. Don’t tease, call names, swear, or fight.

Consequences for breaking these rules are as follows:

  1. Warning
  2. Loss of 5 participation points.
  3. Loss of 5 participation points, parents notified.
  4. Detention.

Being tardy to class without a proper excuse and/or not having the needed clothing or tools, will result in a loss of 5 participation points. Tardies can only be excused by the main office or by another teacher.

All students start the quarter with 100 points. All points are deducted from the total. It is your choice to break a rule. Because of this, participation points cannot be made up. If you choose to lose them after a warning, you will not be able to get them back.

Attendance (20%): The best insurance you can give yourself for earning a good grade in Stage Crafts is to attend every class and participate in the projects. Attendance points are given on a daily basis (10 points for every class). If you are not in class, you will not receive the points for that class unless it is a school excused absence.

Tests (10%): Tests will be given throughout the quarter. These will be written tests covering the lecture materials. The average score of all tests will be used as your grade. Anytime you are not happy with a score from a test, feel free to arrange a time to retake it.

Projects (30%): The class will be divided into smaller groups and each group will be given different projects to accomplish in order to have the set built in time for the production. Each group will be given a grade on the completed project. The time each individual spent on the project will be taken into account. If your group does not finish a project by the deadline and a different group completes it, your grade will be lowered accordingly.

Performances (30%): When the production starts, the Stage Crafts class will “run the show.” This means we will be moving scenery, running the lights and sound, and doing all that we can to make the show run smoothly. Clear these dates now! There are NO excused absences from running a show. Each performance is worth 100 points. An unexcused tardy will subtract 10 points. An absence will subtract 100 points.

Performance Dates

Middle School Musical – Bugsy Malone – January 13 & 15, 2018
Arts Council Talent Show – March 9, 2018
High School Musical – The Drowsy Chaperone – May 3-7, 2018