Participation: 100 points. 5 points will be taken  off for tardies, food, gum, and candy in the auditorium. 5 points for breaking the rules, not being prepared for class, etc. 25 points off for unexcused missed rehearsals (both during and after school). (20%)

Assignments/Quizzes: Assignments will occasionally be given. Usually assignments will be handed out a week or more before they are due. Late assignments will not be accepted. Each assignment will be worth 50 points. Assignments will include your audition, personal biographies, prop production, ad sales, musical critiques, etc. Quizzes will also be occasionally given. These will mostly be on memorization of the script, score, choreography, etc. (20%)

Outside work: Each extra rehearsal will be worth 25 points.  A total number of points will be determined from the total number of extra rehearsals you were required to attend. (20%)

Attitude: The teacher will give you points based on your attitude to the show. 100 points possible. (10%)

Final performance: 100 points possible. The teacher will give you a score based on the final performances. You can download a copy of the Theatrical Performance Rubric. (20%)

A written End of Course Assessment will be given at the end of the semester. (10%)

Every member of the class is required to audition. You will need to sing and to read from a script. Some years your audition material is assigned to you. Some years you are required to provide your own material. Whichever one happens this year, please prepare ahead of time and do your absolute best. The audition is your first weekly assignment and it goes a long way toward making an awesome final production.

Unless specifically told otherwise, all scripts remain property of the musical liscensing company and must be returned. Do not fold it, mutilate it, write on it in pen, stuff it in your locker, stuff it in your backpack, walk on it, spill on it, let the wind blow it away, or let your dog eat it. A replacement fee of $20.00 will be assessed if lost or damaged.

I hope that this information has been straightforward and clear. You may not agree with or like all of the policies, but I do hope you at least understand them because you will have to live by them. If you have suggestions or comments, please make them. My goal is to have one of the best shows in Southeastern Idaho, and I know that as we work together we can do it.

Download the Bugsy Malone Musical Packet